Single-Origin Single-Serve Sachets (Mixed Box of 10)

Single-Origin Single-Serve Sachets (Mixed Box of 10)


ACT’s premium single-serve sachets come in a set of 10 and give you the convenience of exquisite coffee while traveling, at home, in the office or anywhere on the go. Each sachet comes individually packed with 10g of ground coffee inside a wonderful built-in filter and folding card mechanism that fits easily over any coffee cup. Simply pour hot or boiling water into the little filter and presto, you’ve got a superb cup.

The mix of countries and roasts changes according to our availability, but you can expect that the mix will surprise and delight you wherever you enjoy. The sachets are great to throw in a briefcase or backpack for a great cup at school or work. And the boxed set makes a wonderful gift!

Ethiopia and Kenya have received due global recognition for their exquisite coffee, but we offer some spectacular coffees from other countries as well. The quality coming out of Rwanda, Cameroon, Uganda and other parts of Africa are being given due acclaim as well. ACT’s goal is to foster the adventure of discovering quality and delicious coffee from across the continent. These coffees can be complex, balanced sweetness, rich, and floral. These are all premium coffees and the single-serve set offers a diversity of roasts and flavors from different single-origin growing communities. 

Mixed Roasts

10g per sachet

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